Fad Gallery

Fad Gallery
14 Corrs Lane, Melbourne 3000
9639 2700

Fad Gallery Fad Gallery Fad Gallery

One of Melbourne's iconic art gallery venues and bars since 1995, Fad Gallery presents regular exhibitions, comedy nights, DJs, private parties and events. Both the Ground and 1st Floor contemporary art galleries are unique & exciting venues for a wide range of events. The bar itself offers coffee, tea, juices, a range of local and imported beers, wine, cocktails and spirits.

Fad Gallery provides unique functions for corporate events, birthday parties and just about any unforgettable event that you would like to have. Everything you want in a bar and lounge that provides an instant conversation starter.

Fad has had many corporate and private functions over the last 14 (+ a bit) years with many different themes needs and wants that we've been able to satisfy here at Fad ensuring that they have a fantastic time in a unique environment.

"Dedicated to hosting pop art exhibitions, live music and a wide variety of other functions, this venue has quite a few creative disciplines Fad, art is very much part of life, rather than separate from it." - Cultural Secrets of Melbourne City

Fad Gallery's owner is Johnny Halleday and as written in The Age Magazine "He loves to chat and his stories alone are worth the price of admission." By the way, admission is free of charge, all day, everyday.


Fad Gallery has been at Corrs Lane since 1995 - as you can imagine, we have had a vast array of events, these have included fundraisers, creative brainstorming sessions for corporates, weddings, birthdays, whatever people have wanted to achieve - we try to the best of our ability for you achieve what you want ...

Because FAD is a gallery - we (usually) have a wide range of great art up on the walls - it's a creative and interesting environment to be in - lets face it - if you don't want to talk to anyone - you can sit in a lovely chair and look at the ART! - i'm only kidding - really

The best thing to do is - work out your budget and - depending on what you want to spend - we will do our best to meet your needs. So - we just need to communicate - give us a call on 9639 2700 - bus hours 2pm - 12 Mid. Tues & Wed - 2pm - 1am Thurs - Sat. or send us an email - the other thing to do is to pop into FAD Gallery, and we can have a chat and you can check out the place.


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