Brown Alley

Brown Alley
Corner of King and Lonsdale st, Melbourne 3000
9670 8599

Brown Alley Brown Alley Brown Alley

Brown Alley - never sleeps
With one of Melbourne’s only 24-hour licenses Brown Alley is able to accommodate events and occasions any time of the day, any day of the year.

Brown Alley - The Venue
With a holding capacity easily in access of 1,200 people Brown Alley presents as a great venue alternative for most of the biggest occasions and events.

Brown Alley - The Place For Any Occasion
Comprising three separate staircases that lead to four independent rooms Brown Alley lends itself to being a venue of choice for holding smaller dance parties and private functions as it can easily be broken up to accommodate multiple events on the same night.

With direct street access to all rooms independently if required, each room at Brown Alley can be isolated individually to maintain exclusivity without compromising integrity of ambience and atmosphere.

All rooms come complete with their own dance floor, full bar and toilet facilities not to forget great décor and individual character. Of coarse all rooms are installed with one of Melbourne’s best sound systems, a full scale Martin sound system that caters to all DJ requirements.

With minimal venue hire fees depending on the occasion, and nearly all production requirements in house, when combined with reasonable drink prices, and flexible hours of operation, Brown Alley stacks up against any venue alternative.

Brown Alley - The Layout
Entering the venue from the discreet Brown Alley entrance (Which is situated off Lonsdale Street near the corner of King Street) you enter the venue via a small staircase to arrive on the mezzanine level.

Brown Alley Room 1- The Mezzanine
With a holding capacity of approximately 200 people The Mezzanine over looks the main room, looking down over the main dance floor. The mezzanine with its stained wooden ceilings and exposed wooden beams is complimented by blue stone walls, featured brick archways, and stained glass windows and is further modernized with its ambient light shades, funky couches and bean bags, to create a great space with a relaxed ambience.

Brown Alley Room 2 - The Restaurant
By day the ground floor of Brown Alley operates as a fully-fledged eatery, one of the most popular in the city precinct. By night the Restaurant is easily transformed into an uncomprimized events room with a holding capacity of 600 people, which blows out, to 800 if you include the mezzanine level immediately above. Featuring three giant projection screens, and an almighty Martin sound system the entire floor space of this area turns into a massive dance floor taking advantage of its polished wooden floors.

Brown Alley Room 3 - The Electro Room
Up to the top level via a classic spiral staircase you will find The Electro Room. With a holding capacity of 500 people this room is able to hold many dance parties in its own right and can be sectioned off accordingly and therefore is able to be hired out at an affordable reduced rate. Featuring funky couches and ceiling lined with cool retro lampshades further complimented by the deep stained mahogany bar. Of coarse The Electro Room comes complete with an exact replica of the downstairs Martin sound system.

Brown Alley Room 4 - The Blue Stone Room
Also on the top level you will find The Blue Stone Room. An ideal second room for events only using the top floor or an ideal chill out room for those who use the entire venue. Again coming complete with its own kick arse Martin sound system and featured glass roof so you can dance underneath the stars or experience the first rays of light of a new day after a night of partying. With a holding capacity of 150 The Blue Stone room can be hired independently for private parties at a minimal charge, as can all of our rooms independently.


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No Standing @ Brown Alley
Fishbowl Finale @ Brown Alley
Fishbowl Saturdays  @ Brown Alley
Fishbowl Saturdays  @ Brown Alley
Fishbowl Saturdays  @ Brown Alley
Fishbowl Saturdays  @ Brown Alley
Fishbowl Saturdays  @ Brown Alley
Fishbowl Saturdays  @ Brown Alley
Fishbowl Saturdays  @ Brown Alley
Fishbowl Saturdays  @ Brown Alley


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