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Launched on New Years Day 2006, has led the Australian online nightlife industry since its inception. A common name amongst partygoers and people in the industry, Clubsguide keeps Australians up do date with the latest and best in their local and national nightlife and entertainment. Clubsguide helps party people keep their finger on the pulse of the who, what and when of the Australian nightlife and music industry.

The online community at Clubsguide is growing everyday and we strive to create an enjoyable and helpful medium for users to communicate not only about nightlife and clubbing/partying, but about every facet of their every day lives.

With also the latest news in the music, fashion and entertainment industries, clubsguide provies an insight into a wide range of aspects of our target markets lifestyle. This is why Clubsguide is fast becoming one of Australia's fastest growing online communities and nightlife portals.

making things click:

In the wee hours of the morning on an uncomfortable summers night in early 2005 two mates sat exchanging ideas of where they could go out for a few drinks. They longed for somewhere different, somewhere they hadn't been before. After an hour or so of searching online and finding no sites with what they were looking for they gave up and decided that it was time to change the way Melbournians make decisions in their nightlife. A revolution was to be born that night!

Almost a year later what was once purely a vision is now a reality. The brains behind Clubsguide are:

Shannon - a graduate of computer science at la trobe university, Shannon has spent the last 5 years learning design and programming in multiple languages and styles. Shannon is the blood, sweat and tears behind every line of code before you and has used hes experience in the IT industry to bring you a user, bandwidth and client friendly website with and emphasis on visual design. Afterall dont we all like pretty looking things?

Shannon currently works full time in the operations of and his roles include design, construction/site development, maintainance, site & community content moderation, support, sales and promotions of the company.

Shannon can be contacted by the Clubsguide contact form here


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