Submitted by Tom Frederico on May 14th 2007

Tom Lally – First Wave of the Digital Age

Computers have made the musical landscape change drastically, now almost anyone can be a home DJ smashing out tunes on their laptop or PC. More importantly, it has given the chance for young kids to learn their trade while still at school, and avoid the costs associated with a full blown set up. This is how Tom Lally came to prominence, and in his first gig he won a DJ competition at Room, and the rest is as they say is history.

Picked up by YFW, playing regularly at their One Night Stands and holding a residency at Room Thursdays, Tom also had the pleasure of going on the YFW schoolies tour, which saw him play at venues on the Gold Coast and Byron Bay. At only 19, Tom had established himself on the Melbourne house scene in a very quick fashion. Now a regular on the ‘club lunch’ roster with Kiss FM, Tom is taking his music and showing his talent on the big stage, all that awaits is the somewhat harder production game, but growing up mixing on computers has already given him a head start. Tom Lally is an ideal reminder of the quality Dj’s Melbourne produces, technically sound and always in key, Tom matches this with business smarts which belie his age.

Its probably time that we took notice of how many quality DJ’s exist in Melbourne, its always great to see an international or Sydney act but its home grown quality which keep our clubs pumping into the wee hours, night in and night out. Maybe that’s why the ‘internationals’ love coming to Melbourne, and it wont be long until our DJ’s go and ruffle a few feathers in Ibiza and take it up to the UK scene.

Tom is an example of the new age DJ, vinyl is now almost entirely extinct and DJ’s are pushing their equipment to the absolute edge of reason, creating a sound and vibe which is inextricably their own. A live element is now creeping in to most young DJ’s and Tom exemplifies that with on the spot bootlegs and impromptu mash ups. The old guard must be looking over their shoulder, and that’s great because its making our club scene one of the best in the world.

Catch Tom at Room Thusdays, One Night Stands, Corova Milk Bar Recovery Session on Sunday’s or on Kiss Fm's club lunch. No doubt that list will grow rapidly in the years ahead, if not by the time this gets to press.

Tom Frederico




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