what: DAY GLOW

when: Halloween

where: Neverland

how: with PAINT!!!!

Submitted by Georgia Peach on November 30th 2010

I have officially been to the best party ever!

And no it wasn’t because the music was banging, which it was… it wasn’t because the drinks were flowing, which they were… and it wasn’t because the people were awesome, which they were…

Oh no, my friend! The DJ’s weren’t even the biggest names you can think of. Instead, this party had a bit of a twist to it. Want to know what sort of party this was?

Well guys, I have taken part in the world’s biggest paint party right here in Melbourne called, Dayglow. And as I giggle like a little girl and clap in excitement, I say, oh, it was so much fun!

The southern hemispheres biggest nightclub, Neverland hosted a world-renowned party that started in sunny Florida. Neverland became a total mess at the tick of 12am when the paint fight broke out. These are the traditions of Dayglow.

At ten to 12 I was feeling the nerves whilst waiting behind the ‘Paint Sold’ bar for the time to come to start selling the fluorescent paint. The line had already formed with eager customers who stuck to the all white dress code. The boxes were all ready to be ripped open and within only an hour the paint was completely sold out!

Dayglow had ‘beautiful messy’ written all over it and never before will you see a bunch of strangers let lose and just go sick with pouring, splashing, spraying and squirting bottles of orange, pink and green paint. Can you imagine the cleaning when it was all over?

For those who are unfamiliar with the Dayglow paint party, don’t worry, we were too. It all started as just a college tradition in Florida back in 2006 and has now become a unique and spectacular experience you need to be a part of just to comprehend exactly how great it is. The event is overwhelmed high-energy with state of the art production, fire attractions, dancers, body painting and visual displays. So for those who attended Neverland on Halloween night, you are now part of history as it was the first time hitting Aussie shores.

The grand line up included, Static Revenger, the hero behind ‘I Like That’; Vandalism, the Aussie grown duo behind some of the world’s best remixes; Fabian Gray, the legend behind this years hit ‘Beside U’; and Sebastian Morxx, our international visitor. These guys headlined the main stage among a list of our very own up and coming talents.

Now, for those who missed out, start praying for an encore. It was worth the spending, it was worth the messiness and the sticky feeling and it was worth that long shower after.




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