when: NOV, 2010

where: Rod Laver Areana

Submitted by Georgia Peach on December 5th 2010

There was nothing summer about Summerbeatz 2010. But if they were talking about how hot it was going to be inside Rod Laver, then hell yeah it was hot! Stan Walker, Ja Rule, Ciara, Jay Sean, Travie Mccoy and Flo-Rida provided the memorable show that made this miserable rainy day forgettable.
The Summerbeatz crowd, however, was not out in force compared to the pack that came out for Winterbeatz few months back. But never fret, the cheers and roars from these true Hip-Hop and R&B fanatics made it sound like a full house. And luckily this was the only negative throughout the entire show.

Nino Brown was once again your DJ, spinning some of the best urban tunes before, in between and after every act.

Stan Walker showed what home-grown talent was all about, before he too became part of the audience and stood off stage to become a spectator. His eyes did not peel off any part of the show. And we were captivated too.

Ja Rule brought back some much beloved memories smashing out tunes such as “Always On Time,” “Livin’ it Up” and “Reign.” He definitely had the party going like it was 2001 all over again. He reminded us of the era where Hip-Hop was at its absolute peak for not only him, but us here in Australia.

The rapper who entered the stage with a towel over his head, soon stripped down to his still well structured body. The screams from the fans did not stop and neither did the hits. And I must admit, this really did rekindle my love affair for Rule.

He also took us back to 1998, poured out his heart when declaring his love for Hip-Hop and turned the lights off for everyone to take out their phones to light up the arena and dedicate his song “Cry” for anyone who had ever lost someone dear to them.

The tatted up Travie Mccoy was next with his overwhelming stage presence right from the get-go. He brought the rock star element with a hint of Motown. His charming smile made the girls squeal and he even ripped out a bit of the Carlton dance to show his sense of humour.

His big hit which features Bruno Mars, “Billionaire” had the biggest impact for the Gym Class Heroes member before ending his segment with his latest knock-out “Need You.”

After all the male testosterone, we were happy to see some ladies take the stage…and what a lady! Ciara’s performance was so seductive, so captivating, so irresistible that no one bothered to pick up their jaws or clean up there drool.

Kicking it in her baggy jeans and revealing sequence top, together with a cap representing Atlanta, the Hip-hop diva owned the room with her hits “Goodies,” “1, 2 Step” and “Pretty Girl Swag”. Soon after she made a quick wardrobe change and kept the seduction coming giving killer looks with her smoky eyes.

The way she moved her hips and showed off her flexibility would have made many boys have sweet dreams that night. We were then humbled by a tribute to Michael Jackson before she ended her bit with a plug in of her new album.

A vest wearing Jay Sean not only did his thing on stage, performing all the tunes we know and love from him, but he also revealed a hidden talent. The British born performer exposed his amazing beat boxing skills by not only spraying a baseline, but by providing vocals and some effects at the same time.

Soon after, he surprised a young fan by bringing her on stage and singing to her. The shock on the girls face was priceless before Jay Sean gave her a kiss on the cheek she is sure to never forget.

He ended his spot in the show with his hit single “Down” and we came to the end of a hot concert with Flo-Rida.
Flo-Rida’s stage was jam packed with his crew spraying everyone with champagne and water guns. He gave some lucky fans his massive gold necklace, his gold watch and Nike Air’s and then stripped down to his signature tank top.

He invited some sexy girls on stage to party with him while performing his top single “Low” before pouring a bottle of water over his head to indicate that this show was hot!

At the same time a beautiful moment was happening off stage when a group of Aboriginal children had the chance to meet one of their favourite artists in Ja Rule. He took his time out to speak to them and then take a photo.

Rod Laver once again hosted an incredible party for urban music and cannot wait what hip-hop has installed for us in 2011.




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