when: Saturdays

where: Motel, York St

Submitted by Georgia Peach on September 8th 2010

Make your reservation, pay your deposit at the door before entering and make sure you don’t forget your dancing shoes. I recommend being as comfortable as possible and if the rain is the reason why you didn’t come out this night then here is why you are going to kick yourself after you read my follow up review of Rooftop Saturdays at Motel.

It takes a lot to get everyone attracted and then addicted to new clubbing nights at different clubs. And with so many options in this great city of ours, why Motel on a Saturday night I hear you ask? Well, after going over my last review and listening to everyone’s thoughts of Motel since the new night launched in July, I couldn’t help but see if it was still as great as the day the Mayor cut the ribbon to confirm its opening. Okay, that didn’t happen, but opening night was a huge success. Nothing lasts forever as they say, but exactly two months on it seems forever is destined.

This night (Sept 4th) was going to be special. And what made it so special was the embracing of our new local DJ hero. Who, you ask?

Melbourne has given birth to some fantastic headliners that engrave their names at the top of an exciting list of DJs at our beloved night clubs. Grant Smillie and T-Rek are just a couple of names to get your spine tingling. But its time for those who already have had their fair share of stardom to move aside and welcome our old friend who is fresh to the spotlight –Kalus. Motel is always welcoming upcoming talent and Kalus was welcomed with open arms as he did what he was expected to do. The remix of “Jump” is now a highly recognised track produced by the man himself and defines what Melbourne music does to the club goers –excite and delight! Kalus is something fresh to the scene he has been in for ages and has crowds thinking what the hell happened to them when he unleashes upon the decks. He does the same every week here in Melbourne and though he has his own residency else where he was treated as an exclusive and a celebrity at Motel, which means bringing out his best. This included dropping his big remix of “Forgot About Dre” that is being played by many DJs around the city. He is also the master over the bootleg “Rock My Galaxy” which would get Michael Jackson rocking Melbourne style if he was here. “Better Man” is another bootleg that’s a definite crowd pleaser.

With guys like Dean Del, Heath Renata and Nick Coleman walking in and owning it every time, the tracks are always set to get the crowd screaming, and that’s even if it’s not a well known tune. The place has a humble and family vibe and every drop is celebrated together. Motel has also given opportunities to younger guys such as Joel Fletcher who is set to be another one of Melbourne’s pride and joy.

Motel was also the subject of the second episode of a new TV series called HouSeductive TV. The show which started out on radio first by Jay Cams is now hitting the small screen of YouTube. Episode Two hosted by Jay Cams and his co-presenter, Ms Peachy (yeah, okay, that’s me!) features an exclusive insight of the club and the night that is Rooftop Saturdays.

Well, If you haven’t made the move to Motel yet, that’s fine. I can understand why. The venue which has the greatest marquee in Melbourne is where to be in summer. I bet by the time this city becomes hotter, so will Motel. I said it the first time and I will say it again – I can’t wait to see this joint in summer.




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