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Submitted by Georgia Peach on April 24th 2011

Melbourne’s Showground’s showcased some of the most world renowned R&B, Hip-Hop and Rap stars. The army of a line up consisted of Nelly, Taio Cruz, Ciara, Bow Wow, Busta Rhymes, Game, Keri Hilson, T-Pain, Fat Joe; and leading this pack was none other then the godfather of hip-hop and rap himself, Snoop Dogg. Now doesn’t that make your mouth water in envy if you never went to Supafest?

With the world’s biggest urban festival tour coming to a close in our warm to freezing city, no act was here to disappoint. From sexy dance moves, pimped out microphones and all the way through to smokin’ and drinkin’ up on the stage was surely set for an urban music show.

Every act has had number one hits not just from back in the day, but right now as well. As of April, the Dogg himself holds Australia’s number one song with Wet (which was produced by David Guetta).

While his nephew, Bow Wow had us reminiscing his childhood as one of the greatest young rappers, the beautiful Miss Keri Hilson soulfully sang through a great performance herself. But, it was Bow Wow that had as talking as he climbed up one side of the stage and rapped his heart out for beloved fans.

Fat Joe had us ‘leaning back’ when he came on and made sure we never forgot the hits he created during his career.

Of course it was up to Ciara, however, to really sex things up by not only showing off her awesome dancing skills, but those desirable abs.

Taio Cruz is up next who is the worlds more recent newbie to superstardom. With hits such as Break Your Heart and Dynamite being favourite tunes for commercial radio in the passed year, it was his tunes that were the ultimate contenders for the most songs sang along the loudest by the crowd.

Also, lately, we have all noticed the cross over to dance music by a lot of our favourite hip-hop stars and Taio Cruz started the trend for the day. The Mash Up stage wasn’t the only place to hear dance tunes to keep you moving.

Sporting a red Mohawk, Game had the gangster rap show under way. He gave us everything we know from the Game all the way down to the recent stuff and even paid homage to one of our favourite rap songs at the moment Black and Yellow which made more then one appearance during the day. It’s that good!

Game was the first to pay tribute to rap legends 2pac and Notorious B.I.G, which was later revived by Snoop Dogg during his time on stage. But we all got a welcoming surprised to… Zombie Nation? It had us wondering what a rapper is doing howling the melody of this classic trance tune, but that was before it turned into a thick and crispy hip-hop banger. By, drinking on stage, smoking on stage, swearing and making gun gestures, this was definitely a gangster rap show up until T-Pain made it a party.

The old tunes were bound to be recovered with Blame It on the Alcohol, Bartender and Buy You a Drink… wait, I never noticed ‘til now but they all have something to do with drinking. Interesting…

The man with his electronic voice really had a party atmosphere going. T-Pain showed off his dancing moves including an appearance of his robot and brought us his T-Mix of the hit single G6. He gave us his housey tune with Pitbull and made everyone in the crowd take their shirt off and twirl it like helicopter, as his hit Take Your Shirt Off suggests.

A chubbier then usual Busta Rhymes brought back something old when he had his shot to hit the crowd on stage and did not shy away from anything new. This was also the time for some quick rapping that not many know how to do like Busta Buss does.

A pleasant surprised was then amongst us when Nelly not only brought himself over, but his crew the St Lunatics made the trip as well. Nelly continued the party T-Pain started with old school Nelly tunes that were banger party tunes in the early 00’s. The man that changed the pronunciation of ‘here’ for good, by adding another ‘r’ gave us Aussies a tribute to ACDC by not only sporting an ACDC shirt, but actually going all out with a few songs by the rockers as well.

It’s fair to say Nelly must have loved the vibe because his smile was not going away. He went all the way back to prove to himself who the real Nelly fans were and even brought back Keri Hilson to show us their new collaboration. Not as famous as Keri, but a lucky fan with a Nelly t-shirt joined him on stage as well.

Then with no more in his way, it was Snoop time. A pimp warmed up the stage for him in his yellow suit, cane and cape and then the master was upon us. Of course old school Snoop was inevitable, but also Wet did come through after all. Drop It Like It’s Hot was dropped hard and made things really hot being one of the favourite tunes of the day.

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