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Submitted by Georgia Peach on December 10th 2011

An other year, an other Stereosonic under our belt with again, an other stunning line up. From home grown like Empire of the Sun, to humble favourites Armin van Buuren. From new regular in Afrojack, to a welcoming newbee in Avicii. And from our favourite Party Rockers, LMFAO and the never too old, Benny Benassi. We can talk about the line up for an other paragraph, but let's just talk about the day.

This years Stereosonic also made dreams come true for one of Melbourne's own, Heath Renata. After many years of being in Australia, the New Zeland born DJ stepped onto the Carl Cox and Friends stage preparing to take on a new journey of his DJ career.

While Heath's dreams were coming true starting off the day for the event goers, the acts after him continued to have them busy on their feet.

While every stage was full of nothing but talent and good fun, the main stage, appropriately named Stereosonic, hosted th names that were emphasised on this years Stereo promotional posters.

Pnau rocked it up before regular, Grant Smillie was joined on the stage with the spectacular singer and the writer of a House classic, "In The Air", Rudy. They eventually made way for one of the hot favourites of the day, Avicii.

2011 was definitly a huge year for the Swede. His hit "Levels" was patiently begged for by fans all week and as soon as the beat hit the adrenalin was pumping, the knees were ready and the jumping was fierce when the main drop kicked in.

The next big highlight of the night was from LMFAO. The Party Rockers, or in this case Party Rocker, did what they are famous of doing and made... the party rock!

Redfoo played the roles of both himself and his partner in party rocking, SkyBlu. According to Redfoo, "SkyBlu hurt is back shuffelin'. He was tryin' to do that Melbourne Shuffel". Redfoo did a great job for the duo on his own anyway, and we were not disapointed with an absolutely great time with him and his dancers on the stage. Even the shuffeler with the big gold box on his head was there. All their hits that have become house hold classics were bursted out each with an increase of roars from the crowd.

All this went down after Afrojack took their original set time slot. We don't know why but the two acts made a swap, but no complaints at all by Afrojack that just wanted to go down stairs and get f****d up. And a drink or two, or plenty more was most likely downed hard after two interuptions by technical difficulties. Afrojack was a great sport though, keeping the crowd amused in between making sure they were still feeling in the mood for partying.

These were the main highlights of the day, without forgetting Armin van Buuren doing what he does so well, enchanting the crowd with beautiful Trance.

Every year just gets better and better, with talent getting greater and greater. Bring on 2012, I say. 




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