who: Brent Lodge A.K.A. DJ Lodgie

where: Gold Coast


Submitted by Clubsguide on December 14th 2011

Lodgie is fast proving to be one of the hottest faces to hit the club scene on the Gold Coast in recent times. Originally from country New South Wales, Australia, he purchased his first set of turntables at the age of 16. He began as many other young ambitious musicians do, putting on a gig at friends’ parties, community functions and the like.

Since then, this vibrant 24 year old is making big impressions with his unique style and sparkling effervescent personality and is fast proving himself when it comes to entertaining a crowd. Lodgie would rather be known as a musician than a DJ, as he hates the term DJ. Not only does he mix tracks together, but he is also working hard on the producing/engineering side of things to create some of his own tracks/remixes. Once given the chance though, Lodgie proves that he has more strings to his bow and comes as a "package'. His show involves much more than just playing the latest sound - he is constantly on the lookout for the latest and most popular trends, and reacts to his audience preferences at all times.

Since starting out with Phil Morgan at Special Guest DJ's, Lodgie found himself playing alongside well known local celebrities such as Mitch Wood, Discrow, CREdential, Andy Dex and Marshall Ace, just to name a few! He recently held residency at the SAR Nightclub but due to unfortunate circumstances the club was later shut down. Other venues that Lodgie has performed at are Cuddy's Bar, Shooters Nightclub, Mybar, and Exchange - Boxing Day Races in Victoria. Not only that, he is currently working with close friend and one of the top Australian videographers, "Sucker Punch" piecing together a whole bunch of projects and ideas.

Lodgie's style is such that it takes little time for him to have your music senses wanting more. He is very creative with big build ups and mixes it with everything from electro, electro house, house, progressive house, not only sticking to one style because, well, that would be boring wouldn't it?!

He is now ready to take the next step in his burgeoning career and has his sights firmly set on testing the overseas market. He’s aiming to travel back to the USA in 2011, already having a trip there in 2009 under his belt. In the meantime, you will find Lodgie doing his thing at the club scene on the Gold Coast and surroundings where his growing popularity and following is progressing at a rapid rate.

To find out more, click on Lodgie's facebook fan page for the latest event's, video's, photo's, and of course, music.




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