who:  Laidback Luke

what:  One on one interview for Clubsguide

catch him at: Harbourside @ The Penninsula - Australia Day

Submitted by Georgia Peach on January 25th 2012

Laidback Luke is one of the world’s favourite DJ’s and most beloved producers. Currently sitting at number twenty on the DJ Mag list, the Dutch man behind the tunes ‘Generation Noize,’ ‘Show Me Love,’ and more recently ‘Natural Disaster’ is on his way back to Australia for a show on Australia Day.

He will be headlining the Habourside event hosted at the Docklands', Peninsula together with Bart B More and Derrick Carter.

“I’m very excited to be back and it’s obviously such a big day and there’s always trick and tracks up my sleeve for sure.”

He’s even excited to enjoy an Aussie BBQ on the day, but that’s after realising his original understanding of an Aussie barbie was incorrect.

   “I can imagine she’s very blonde and has long legs and I’ve never had one.”

Despite the misconception, the idea of shrimp on the barbie is making Laidback Luke all the more excited to be here with us again.

Laidback Luke’s 2011 was a bit quieter than years passed. As a new year’s resolution, however, he has promised himself to get more tracks out there.

“(I) waited too much for other tracks to be released and had too many gaps where I could have had more tracks.”

Speaking of New Years, Laidback Luke’s New Year’s Eve was one to remember, as he hosted another Super You&Me event to bring in 2012. Here, he created and wore his very own LL superhero costume. The event was an other huge success for the DJ with the dimples.  

Only a few days later, he was on a new journey in his life. Laidback Luke was one of the many superstar DJ’s in the line-up for the Holy Ship.

Holy Ship is one of dance music’s biggest voyages. The ship cruised along the ocean near the Bahamas whilst holding 2.5 thousand party animals.

Laidback Luke explains to us what else happens on this cruise by saying, “There is a buffet in the morning, just hanging out and you can take different classes. You can go admire other DJ’s and take DJ classes… I took a class from A-Trak. And yoga. I took yoga with Skrillex.”

It was also around this time where Laidback Luke asked his long term girlfriend, Gina Turner, to marry him. He says there will definitely be a wedding at the end of the year and that the wedding song has been chosen and organised but is not prepared to give away the idea as yet.

The man who was once known as Peanut Butter due to his two nationalities and their translation in Dutch, was never a house party DJ.

“The thing is I was already bringing out records before I got booked, so when I got booked I got booked into clubs straight away.”

However, he admitted to a random drunk night at an after party in Perth, Western Australia, where he was more than happy to play the decks in a living room.

Moreover, ‘Natural Disaster’ is one of Laidback Luke’s close-to newest tracks. A collaboration with British artist, Example, the duo’s coming together has a love story ring to it.

“Ministry of Sound wanted to work with me for ages. I created the instrumental first and they had a great idea for the perfect vocals. That’s when Example came in. But, I originally had an idea of female vocals, But, we clicked very well and are working together again.”

When it comes to new and up and coming producers, Laidback Luke has plenty of faith.

“Everyone with a laptop these days can make music now. But the good thing is, good music will always surface. I’m happy to see more (from young kids).”

We are excited to have Laidback Luke back and are ready for an explosive set by the Dutch man at Habourside on Australia Day.




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