who: MC Skryptcha

what: Obese National Carjack Tour

where: Across Australia


Submitted by Charlee on March 23rd 2009

Obese Records has a new addition to the family. This fresh face to Australia’s Hip Hop scene is 22 year old Skryptcha. The Sydney based MC completed his debut EP “Left to Write” with beats provided by the legendary Chasm, resulting in a definitive sound and new approach to Australian Hip Hop.

Preparing to hit the road on the National ‘Carjack Tour’ with the rest of the Obese crew, Skryptcha took some time out to chat to Clubsguide.

Today you are the latest artist signed to Obese Records. Turning back the clock, where were you five years ago?
5 years ago I was in Year 11 at High School, I was all about my football and a career in music was a very distant dream. It’s funny how things work out.

The reviews of your EP have been really positive. How long did you work on “Left to Write” for?
The reviews have definitely been unreal, both Chasm & I have been really stoked with the feedback, especially for a debut release! We worked on the EP in kind of broken patches but I’d say in total working time it was about 6 months in the making.

Your grandparents came up through the 60’s jazz movement. Did this influence the big band sound on your EP?

I think having a musical family definitely gives you an appreciation of different styles of music. Whether it was because I grew up around it or not, I’ve always liked working with jazz style rhythms and instruments. I let Chasm know that was the sort of sound I was looking for and I’m just blessed that he also has a big love for jazz, funk and soul music and also really knows what to do with it.

The production on your EP is first class. What was it like in the studio for the first time, working on your debut release?
It was a really good time, I feel like just spending time with people of experience and knowledge makes you a better artist. I’d been waiting so long to actually put a release together so knowing that the time had come was mad exciting and a big weight off my shoulders.

The Obese Carjack Tour is almost upon us. Just how wild is Australia’s largest National Hip Hop Tour going to be?
The tour should be well large! It’s the first time that the Coalition Crew, Illy and myself have been out on the road repping Obese so we can’t wait to hit up some big interstate shows. I feel like we have a bit to prove so we all can’t wait to put on massive shows and blow people away! You definitely don’t wanna miss it!

You have spent a lot of time travelling overseas. Any particular experience that stands out?
Way too many to mention! Europe was unbelievable though, I had some crazy times there. We spent five days at the San Fermin (Running of the Bulls) Festival in Pamplona, Spain, which was one of the most amazing experiences ever. It’s so much more than just the bulls, it’s an incredible religious festival at the same time where the entire town dresses in red and white and drinks a plenty of Sangria haha. Definitely one of the craziest things I’ve ever been a part of.

Complete this sentence. Australian Hip-Hop is…….
Booming - The standard’s been raised like crazy over the past few years and I have no doubt you’re all about to hear some more amazing music in the near future!




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