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Over the past decade 4 x DMC champ, Dexter has constantly evolved and challenged the sonic possibilities of mixing, through history-making live performances delighting fans the world over. His 2nd placing in the 2000 world DMC finals is testimony to this, innovating new techniques and styles while being compared to no-one

"I've always been drawn to those rare moments on records that spark the creative process; whether it's moroccan chants, rag-time jazz, Pacific-Island log drumming or discovering krump music, dance and culture, I try and flip it on it's head and give it that raw hip hop feel".

In 2010 Dexter celebrated 20 Years behind the turntables with the 'XX Tour'. The live show flowed seamlessly through two-hours of career defining moments from his DMC routines such as the infamous 'Prince' juggle, 'Killing in the name of' scratch/guitar solo, the classic 'swing set' jazz-scratch routine and Dexter's innovation of the 6/8 beat juggle (a world-first) found in the 'Purple Haze' juggle. Die-hard fans of Dexter's 'classic' mixes were kept at bay with the notorious mixes of Roxanne/time after time/Dooms night/superfreak/windowlicker and chop suey which builds into the perfect outro for George Kranzs' Bboy classic 'Din Da Da mixed with Chic's 'Dance dance dance' where special guest Bboy LamaRoc brings back the true essence of the bboy.

Dexters brother Kuya, known to few as Dexter's original master teacher was guest of honor for the entire tour and carved through his ground breaking ITF & DMC routines, including the 'try-again' juggle he created in 2000 where he flipped the entire beat into a 140 bpm juggle (a world-first) before the genre 'DubStep' existed!

Dexters collaborations from the past & present where featured seamlessly throughout the set including 'Curse the Machines' with Dizz1 and their mix of tribal andfuture roots music beats, dubstep,raga and bass music pulling apart and re-shaping the tunes and re-mixing them live into new scratch-rhythms and soundscapes. The stage was 15 deep as his main band 'Grrilla Step' dominated the stage with the sonic and visual possibilities between the raw sound of Krump music, the tribal power of krump dance and the roots of the army's traditional & indigenous roots in the song, dance and culture of the Asia-Pacific.

Sage Francis Played as part of the friday night 'Up Late' series for the Valentino Exhibition at GOMA in Queensland, invited as special guest to the Japan DMC Finals in Tokyo as judge alongside DJ Kentaro and performed a 20 minute showcase of his winning DMC routines, played the MTV Asia Awards After Party in Kuala Lumpur in conjunction with Cinemax and ACMI preparing and performing live his own score for the classic French Film 'La Haine'

2011 sees Dexter in the studio producing with his Grrilla Step family for their debut Album, release scheduled for early 2012. The process will explore the sonic and visual possibilities between the raw sound of Krump music, the tribal power of it's dance that is also found within the indigenous music, dance and culture of the bands Asia-Pacific roots.

Together with long-time brother, Dizz1 and Dexter are 'Curse the Machines', a bass-heavy onslaught of roots riddims and future sonics are remixed trhough hip hop beats, dub, kubo and psychadelic bass concepts.

Dexter's DJ sets for 2011 continue to steer clear of DJ trends and fads. The Emphasis is on dope combinations of carefully selected tracks from Madlib to Krump, Heavy-heavy metal to Afro-beat, Disco to Dubstep, Outkast to future ragga, Ludacris to acid-techno etc etc each track seamlessly forced into the next, building up sonic explosions of bass heavy music for bass heavy dancefloors.




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