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Submitted by Clubsguide on April 17th 2006

Today, Chris Kaye delights audiences around Melbourne with a unique blend of funky tribal/big room house that successfully rivals the more familiar commercial sound of the nightclub scene. His style of music and knowledge of crowds around Melbourne and abroad reflects his experience and formidable cv. Chris has played all around the world at clubs from Pacha, Ibiza to villa parties in the French Riviera. It is frightening to learn that Chris is still only 19 years of age and his potential as a DJ will only expand, as time is a factor very much on his side.

After taking up Djing as a hobby at age 12 Chris began finding work in nightclubs when he was just 16, needing written permission from his parents to play. Having set his sights on playing with the likes of Australia 's best, Grant Smillie and John Course, Chris achieved just that within the year. The highlight of his first year as a professional was playing with International DJ Jason Herd and The Rogue Traders and it seemed that already the young DJ was destined for bigger things. By 17 Chris was a regular at many nightclubs around Melbourne , often playing up to 4-5 times a week. The industry was definitely aware of Chris's ambition and more and more nightclubs were vying to get their hands on the ‘next big thing'. Although Chris was getting plenty of work, his maturity allowed him to see the bigger picture; eventually he would need to stand out amongst the rest and offer something different to the hundreds of aspiring DJ's that popped up in Melbourne each year. He aimed to achieve this in the form of experience, in other words, playing with the best and learning from the best all around the world.

It was very much a brave decision to leave Melbourne at a time where many DJ's would consider their careers flying, however Chris was after much more then that, he genuinely wanted to offer something unique and unheard of in Melbourne and he quite literally had a world of knowledge awaiting him.
In June 2005, Chris embarked on a 6 month tour of Europe and the USA with only 2 gigs confirmed and both of them scheduled for the first week. The plan it seemed, was to start from scratch and aim to impress the right people early and hope that the job offers would follow. Sure enough, Chris was soon Djing at some of the hottest nightclub spots across Europe playing in cities such as London , Barcelona , Ibiza , Athens and Mykonos . Chris's energy levels behind the decks and his ability to adapt to different crowds won him many admirers overseas and as a result he was offered summer residencies in Athens and Barcelona .

After touring for 6 months Chris has returned with a sense of credibility behind the decks. Having exhausted all avenues in order to better himself as a DJ and producer, he finds himself still at age 19 boasting the kind of experience many of his peers could only dream about. His self described ‘funky tribal/big room sound' reflects an appreciation and understanding of music beyond the normal expectations of a DJ his age and the Melbourne nightclub scene is already benefiting from his versatility. Having laid a foundation that will enable him to continue to adapt and develop with upcoming trends, it seems quite apparent that Chris is by no means resting on his laurels.




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