what: 'Mirage'

when: 2010/2011

where: Etihad Stadium

Submitted by Georgia Peach on January 14th 2011

It’s fair to say that the only thing the young and brave want to do on New Years Eve is party… and party hard! And this time the number one DJ in the world was not only invited to celebrate the beginning of 2011, but to be the honored party host for the evening.

Armin van Buuren returned for his Armin Only tour and in the days leading up, it hinted at a bigger and better spectacle than ever before. And we must agree here at Clubsguide, that it was pretty spectacular.

The adrenalin was felt from the beginning, outside Etihad Stadium. Excited to see Armin and his ‘Mirage’ show named after his greatly anticipated studio album, everyone fired themselves up with cheers and chants. And with the cool change coming outside, inside the heat was on.

With half of Etihad closed, the space was more than enough. In front of us, we were finally witnessing what the fuss was all about. Melbourne was not only one of the first cities to experience Armin’s new show, but they were about to embark on a huge 9 hour set by the man himself.

A triangle shape stage was covered by giant screens with only a bit of space available for some of the vocalists such as Susana and Nadia Ali to get the show on the road. While the entertainment began at 9pm, Armin was no where to be seen. 10pm and then 11pm went by; still no Armin.

Without a clue of the where a bout’s of his actual presence, Armin let his vocalists have their time to shine and really get the New Years Eve party warmed up.

With 40 minutes to go ‘til 2011 and minor dull moments of anticipation, the sounds of “Mirage” gracefully began, the screens finally slid over and out of nowhere came Mr. Van Buuren in his signature pose. With arms stretched out and a smile on his face, a full band with drummer, guitarist and bassists, dancers and a few more overwhelming high-energy state of the art productions, fire attractions and visual displays, Armin was finally here and the epic celebrations really began.

Finally the count down commenced and after already three hours of inspiring beautiful trance, the man who vowels to stick by trance music and never change, took a turn at the tick of 12. Bringing in 2011 were some of the most beloved housey tunes in Melbourne – “One,” “Miami 2 Ibiza” and “Teenage Crime” were the first songs heard in 2011 before going back to some old school trance with “Insomnia” and “Rapture.”

After the confetti was thrown, the fireworks went off and while the exhibition continued, Armin continued to showcase some of his old and new tunes and of course considered all of the hits that made it on his State Of Trance list. Christian Burns and VanVelzen also joined Armin on stage.

Later, with the tune named “Remember Love” comforting the crowd, the tragic deaths at last years Love Parade were given a tribute. Giving us goose bumps and the possible teary eye, Armin also seemed to be very moved by the moment and the tragedy that occurred.

The emotional few minutes didn’t last too long as the marathon continued, the experience was slowly being fathomed and the New Year was brought in safely and fantastically.

After his epic constant hours of smashing it, Armin himself stopped to enjoy his own show. Sitting back, he watched his vocalists sing to a ballad before it too turned into an elegant trance tune and took the New Years celebrations to an end.

After thanking and hugging his vocalists, he expressed his love for our country by raising a huge Aussie flag, signing a few autographs and even taking a few snaps.

Armin Van Buuren once again did not disappoint and proved why he is the world’s number one DJ three years running.

What a Happy New Year, indeed!




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