Submitted by Clubsguide on April 12th 2006

If I could sum up these fantastic kids in one word it would be (IRONIC). Six straight boy's that run a party that is an absolute celebration of gayness (IRONIC) not to say the music isn't wicked, the soundsystem loud, the club dark, the girls oh so cute and the boys even cuter.

It's just really really gay.

I've played there a few times and it has been some of the funnest times of my life. Jumping up and down to nu school modern rave, with six of the most out of control kids looking like they have never been so in control, playing just their favourite music to what it seems like is their best friends in their living room. To say it would be one of the best club nights in the world would not be true. IT IS the best nite in the world. It is just fucking amazing. The club has been going now for 2.5 years now, it started at a wicked little club called the Moulin Rouge (my first aussie gig) and has now moved on to its spiritual home the louder darker and dirtier club 77.

The kids have had a whirlwind of a touring schedule too, not as bad as mine but bad (meaning good), having supported everyone in what I call the kool klub (overskilled and underpaid) or in some cases underskilled and overpaid. shhh i didn't say that. Tiga, Soulwax, 2manydj's, Jaques Lu, Cont, The Scissor Sisters, Damian Lazarus, Ewan Pearson, Felix The Ratcat, Captain Comatose, Tiefshwarts, blah blah..... *AND* also been the most fucked up part of any festival; Good Vibrations, Field Day, Splendour in the Grass (12 hours in the tent in 05 being the highlight), Future Music, blah blah blah.

The monthly Bang Gang at Honkytonk's is psychaledic, I lost my mind at that one, and Mike Delaney has to be the coolest of any cat.

All the kid's are are making music too, Riot in Belgium (Damage and Joel) "the acid never lies" is pure fuckin sickness. One of Tiga and 2manydj's biggest tunes right now and everyone else is fast catching up with stuff that's just as loud and nearly as good. It wont be long till im out of a job! Mix c.d's coming out of their assholes mashed 2 on m.o.s charted in oz at #4, Ajax has produced more mix's than the whole of london put together (and there is a series planned for later in the year).

Thats about all I can think of now, but do yourself a favour, go check it out, get wasted, cum, sweat, kiss boy's, kiss girls, kiss yourself, if you never done it before try fucking in the bathroom, get lost in the rave, leave in the morning a new person, with a new person, and have wet sweaty wasted sex... then come back next week and do it again.

written by Mylo xx




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