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tune to look out for: Vegas featuring Static Revenger

Submitted by Georgia Peach on November 30th 2010

When was the last time you spent the last five years traveling and performing on big stages around the world with your partner? Probably never, but for Andy Van and Cassie other wise combined known as Vandalism, this is only routine not only as husband and wife, but as one of the biggest Electro-House duo’s to come out of OZ.

And at the moment they are having the time of their lives. Vandalism are back home in Melbourne only for a couple of weeks while still trying to fathom the amount of madness their live consists of.

With the forthcoming release of their new single ‘Vegas’ and their huge plans for major tours around the world no wonder they are having very little sleep, but so much fun.

Vandalism are best known for their big tune ‘Never Say Never’ or better yet, for ‘She Got It’ and now we look forward to ‘Vegas’, a crazy tune based on a party town that’s attached to a film clipped shot in Sin City itself.

“Cassie had been to Vegas before and started panning out some lyrics and you know, every time you go to Vegas it tends to be a party…” Andy Van explained how regardless of security demanding them to move along they still run around the streets of Vegas running a mock while making the video.

The single wouldn’t have been what it is today if it wasn’t for a helping hand from their new mate, DJ/Producer Static Revenger. “Dennis (Static Revenger) has a film company and invited us over to film it there,” Andy explains. Static Revenger liked the track so much that he insisted on jumping on board turning the collaborated version into the original tune which is out now on Beatport.

Vandalism are always giving their hard hitting, aggressive shows every weekend at different venues around the world. They just recently did their thing in Melbourne getting involved with our countries first paint party, Day Glow. This performance would have been the messiest out of their tight gig schedule.

A high demand for the duo’s show has them in line to take over the stages in the US despite the countries delayed embrace of dance music. “They (USA) all say dance music is the next best thing. It’s not like hip-hop is dying or anything, it’s just dance music is being introduced into their world. It’s a great thing as well because we love America.”

After recently completing a tour around Asia, Cassie’s wild stage antics and Andy’s skills on the decks will be required at Miami’s famous Winter Music Conference. The couple is due to visit the US in March for an invasion of Las Vegas’ Palms Hotel as well, and just to make their lives more exhilarating, a possible tour of Europe is on the cards as well in a couple of months.

Vandalism are nothing short of passionate about what they do since being restless is not a bother. Constantly working hard, researching and keeping up with the change of dance music is an important asset in their careers. They find themselves exploring new ideas and following what Andy descried as the “Electro movement forward.”

Andy and Cassie merge their ideas to create what they are now exceptionally certified in, which is creating aggressive tunes for hard-hitting bodies to rock to.

Finding inspiration from greats such as Freddie Mercury, David Bowe, Annie Lennox and the obvious one in Madonna, Cassie is grateful of her dancing background that gives her the undeniable attitude she brings forth on stage. Suitably the vocalist and song writer has a closet full of leotards and admits to giving into anything with sequence and knee high boots. “Andy loves them on me but he always says ‘how many do you want?’ But I love them,” she told me before laughing at her confession.

Andy on the other hand is true to his musicianship and constantly keeps up with recent trends to make his tracks that sometimes take days to produce, or in the case of their unknown follow up which only took two hours to craft and perfect. When trying to think of his favourite tune, he can only put in plain words that all his favourites are “great for different reason. I love different songs from different genres… for different emotions, if you will.”

They both acknowledge their desires to one day work with the likes of Peaches who is a huge inspiration to the duo after witnessing the uniqueness of the performer live in concert.

Vandalism are penciled in to play in Adelaide for New Years Eve and look forward to their vast to-do list to come in 2011. For Vandalism, passion overweighs any weaknesses they might face, even a lack of sleep.




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